Please See Text Below for Detailed Specifications and Description of Available Equipment


1 – Left Infeed Transfer
        3 strand x 32 ft long
        Heavy duty steel frame
        Electric Gearbox drive
2 – Tilt Hoist
        4  Heavy Duty lift arms c/w 2 speed leaf
        Chain wind up drive assembly
        Stick belt conveyor
        Steel support frame c/w adjustable cable
        Driven Positioning system
3 – Landing Transfer and Trim Table
        H78 chain c/w electric gear box drive
        Foot pedal controls
        Trim saw arbor c/w overhead hold down
        Trim block conveyor c/w drive
        Unscrambler section c/w electric gear box drive
        Electric control console
4 - Pineapple Infeed Table c/w Drive
        Stetson ross 610 planer
        Top and bottom heads 15” knives x 13/4” 8 knives 35Ph
        Side heads 2” knives 1 Ύ” 8 knives flat 2 - 35Hp and 15hp
        Top and bottom profile heads 8” 15hp (to be confirmed)
        Hydro lock – 8 and 12 knives
        Collar taper lock – rip saw and 1” profile
        Planer feed speed on New frequency drive 0 – 500 min increase speed using belt drive
5- Timber Star Side Roll Lumber Marking System
        Outfeed camel landing conveyor c/w electric gearbox drive
        Spare heads and tooling
        Shaving and dust collection suction manifold   

Motor Sizes: Top Heads, 2 motors 35HP each
                       Bottom Head, 35 HP
                       Side Heads, 2 motors 35HP and 15HP
                      Profile Head, we believe is 15HP
Spare Heads: We have 5 for top and bottom and Tons for the profile (for doing any and all configurations)
Knife length and width: all dependant on the head.